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2 Things to Think About When Considering Divorce in a Childless Marriage

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The termination of a marriage is most often made complex by the presence of children in the union. Nonetheless, even without children, there are many things to deal with, from individual and community assets and liabilities to the emotional baggage for both parties. Going through all the details beforehand can make legal separation or divorce less stressful. This article highlights two important aspects of this process. 1. Legal counsel Some people think it may be easier to have lawyers mediating the practical and legal aspects of a divorce, while others opt to do it themselves, especially when the parties cannot afford legal assistance. Read More»

When It's Good to Contest a Will

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If someone you know has left a will that you don’t agree with, you may have legal grounds to contest that will. Not being left a certain inheritance isn’t always enough to have the will set aside and an estate go through probate court, but there are times when it’s actually encouraged for a person to contest a will. Note a few common reasons for this so you know if you should contact an attorney and at least have the will reviewed. Read More»

Understanding supervised visitations

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The bond involving a parent and child is often very strong. That is why courts often grant visitation rights to non-custodial parents in order to foster that parent-child bond. However, what if the custodial parent feels that their child is not safe being visited by the non-custodial parent? If the non-custodial parent has legally enforceable parenting time, you cannot refuse to let them see the child or else they might take legal action. Read More»