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3 Reasons Cohabiting Partners Need a Family Lawyer

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There is a long-held belief that cohabiting partners are in a common-law marriage and entitled to the same legal rights as married couples or a civil partnership. Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth; no legal criteria qualify cohabiting partners as common-law partners. Notably, most cohabiting partners believe that they do not need a family lawyer at any point in their relationship. However, cohabiting partners can and should work with family lawyers to navigate the legal complexities of cohabitation. Read More»

Are You Facing a Family Problem? 4 Ways a Family Lawyer Can Help You

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Family issues like divorce, child custody and asset sharing can cause huge misunderstandings in families. Therefore, it is best to look for mediatory services to solve the matters amicably. That is where family legal services come in. With their years of experience handling family disputes, family lawyers are best suited to handle such matters. A family lawyer has expertise and experience to help you navigate any of the following situations:  Read More»