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5 Reasons Why Parental Rights May Be Terminated

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Parental rights typically rest with the parents or guardians of a child. However, in some cases, the government may take action to terminate a person’s parental rights. Here are five reasons why a court may terminate parental rights. Read on to find out more! 1. Physical or Sexual Abuse  One of the most common reasons why parental rights are terminated is due to physical or sexual abuse. Unfortunately, this is often a difficult situation to prove as it typically happens behind closed doors with no witnesses. Read More»

3 Reasons Cohabiting Partners Need a Family Lawyer

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There is a long-held belief that cohabiting partners are in a common-law marriage and entitled to the same legal rights as married couples or a civil partnership. Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth; no legal criteria qualify cohabiting partners as common-law partners. Notably, most cohabiting partners believe that they do not need a family lawyer at any point in their relationship. However, cohabiting partners can and should work with family lawyers to navigate the legal complexities of cohabitation. Read More»

Are You Facing a Family Problem? 4 Ways a Family Lawyer Can Help You

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Family issues like divorce, child custody and asset sharing can cause huge misunderstandings in families. Therefore, it is best to look for mediatory services to solve the matters amicably. That is where family legal services come in. With their years of experience handling family disputes, family lawyers are best suited to handle such matters. A family lawyer has expertise and experience to help you navigate any of the following situations:  Read More»

Avoid a Devastating Divorce! 3 Mistakes That Could Attract Problems You Hadn't Seen Coming

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If you have tried everything else to save your marriage in vain and divorce seems the only feasible solution, you need to handle it carefully. If you have some valuable assets, deciding who gets what can be difficult since everyone wants a proportionate share. Whether you had some valuable assets before you got married or you worked hard to acquire your assets after marriage, be careful how you handle them during the divorce process so you don’t end up on the losing end. Read More»

Steps for making a newly adopted child feel like part of the family

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Adopting a child is an excellent way of adding a new member to your family and giving the child a fresh start at life. However, the adoption process requires careful planning–much more planning than you might have thought of. As adopting parents, you may feel ready for the experience and even excited to give your new child a home. But depending on the age of the child, little details can swing the adoption process from a joyful to a stressful experience. Read More»

Could You Be Eligible to Claim Future Assets of the Other Party After Separation?

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Monetary matters will almost always come to the fore whenever two individuals separate and decide to go their own ways. Sometimes, these issues are part of the cause of the breakup, but, nevertheless, cash always seems to be a contentious issue and can prompt a case to go before the courts. If you are arguing about “who gets what,” then you may have to apply for judgement as far as the assets of both individuals are concerned. Read More»

2 Things to Think About When Considering Divorce in a Childless Marriage

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The termination of a marriage is most often made complex by the presence of children in the union. Nonetheless, even without children, there are many things to deal with, from individual and community assets and liabilities to the emotional baggage for both parties. Going through all the details beforehand can make legal separation or divorce less stressful. This article highlights two important aspects of this process. 1. Legal counsel Some people think it may be easier to have lawyers mediating the practical and legal aspects of a divorce, while others opt to do it themselves, especially when the parties cannot afford legal assistance. Read More»

When It's Good to Contest a Will

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If someone you know has left a will that you don’t agree with, you may have legal grounds to contest that will. Not being left a certain inheritance isn’t always enough to have the will set aside and an estate go through probate court, but there are times when it’s actually encouraged for a person to contest a will. Note a few common reasons for this so you know if you should contact an attorney and at least have the will reviewed. Read More»

Understanding supervised visitations

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The bond involving a parent and child is often very strong. That is why courts often grant visitation rights to non-custodial parents in order to foster that parent-child bond. However, what if the custodial parent feels that their child is not safe being visited by the non-custodial parent? If the non-custodial parent has legally enforceable parenting time, you cannot refuse to let them see the child or else they might take legal action. Read More»